It’s Been A Long Time…

We’re now six days into 2010…

This year we can enjoy a few monumental moments:

Also, with 2010 comes a whole new look and feel for my blog (as you may have noticed). Remember AWHILE back when I did the blog name poll? You may also remember that I forgot to deliver promised results… so, in light of a new year, I took it upon myself to change my blog name all by myself.

So, without further ado, I give you:

“That’s What She said”… because innuendos are always funny.

“That’s what she said” was first coined and made popular, by Michael Scott on The Office, since then… ‘that’s what she said’ jokes have been a semi-weekly, if not daily, occurrence in my social life. I pretend to hate them sometimes, but… there’s no denying, if executed correctly, they are almost always funny.

Someone captured every “that’s what she said” from The Office and put it on YouTube… so, here you go:

*Also, in my YouTube conquest for that’s what she saids… I found this:

You may remember Brian from BSB, you may also remember this song. This is a perfect example of an instance where using “that’s what she said” is not okay… *see below*

There are certain instances in which “that’s what she said” is appropriate:

  • On long road trips with friends. A car full of friends make for lots of “that’s what she said” moments.
  • Hanging out with friends in general. If you have friends like me, you will almost always have a perfect moment for said jokes.
  • In class. Professors are boring, but a lot of times… they say things that are perfect for “that’s what she said” jokes. This only works well if you have a friend in class, keep a running tally throughout the entire class… it will pass the time, AND you may actually learn something.
  • During pointless business meetings, or conferences. Again this only works well if you have a friend with you. (Note: be sure to text said jokes, saying these out loud may or may not be bad for your career.

Most of the time, “that’s what she said” is inappropriate, and should be avoided:

  • In church. Your pastor may make really good one liners during his teachings, but… Jesus will frown upon your jokes. (maybe… not worth the risk)
  • At family functions. Resist the urge, even though your grandpa makes some REALLY perfect occasions. You will regret having to explain why you said, “That’s what she said” to your parents, your 80 year old grandma, and your 4 year old cousin.
  • At a wedding. This is debatable, if you are sitting around people who can appreciate the joke… let them fly. But, if there is anyone within earshot who would not find it as hilarious as you … you should refrain from saying them out loud.
  • During a first date. Unless you have a pre-existing relationship with this person, a well-timed “that’s what she said” may not be as impressive as it sounds in your head.
  • During a second date, or any date in general. “That’s what she saids” while hilarious, aren’t very romantic… and can ruin the mood almost instantaneously. (Unless: you are dating someone super ultra-cool, who can take a joke… and/or you’ve been dating long enough that well-timed jokes can and will be appreciated).
  • During a job interview. Your future boss may make it easy for you to crack the joke… resist the urge.
  • When writing a song *see above*. No matter how romantic “that’s what she said” may sound in a love song… it’s not.
  • When Proposing. I don’t think anyone would do this. But I felt the need to let you know, saying “that’s what she said” when proposing, is a really bad idea.
  • While at work. If you work with costumers, at all… an instance will arise, most likely daily, that will set off the “that’s what she said” light inside of your brain, and you will feel the need to say it out loud. I usually count to ten if I’m not sure of the situation, if I still think it’s a good idea by 10 … then I’ll say it; if I still have doubts… I hold it in.
  • And finally, While writing a paper. Sometimes, “that’s what she saids” are involuntary, you don’t mean to but it slips. If you have a real problem, you may or may not write a sentence in a paper that deems an appropriate “that’s what she said” response… wait, let me back up…
  • When referencing something you just said. It is not appropriate to make a “that’s what she said” joke about something YOU just said. “That’s what she saids” are only okay if someone else says them about your statement.
  • Now finally, While writing a paper. Since referencing your own “that’s what she saids” is wrong, referencing yourself in a paper, is equally and doubly … as wrong.

So there you have it. Welcome 2010. Welcome New blog layout. Welcome New blog name.

Tell me an instance where you used “that’s what she said” appropriately, or better yet… where you used it inappropriately.


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