About Me

I’m the girl version of a nerd, sorta. So I guess you can call me a gerd.

I’m in my twenties. I’ve lead worship for the last 6 years. I’m in a band called Northern District. I took 5 years to finish college instead of 4, and 3 of those years were at a junior college. I am part of the online university generation, and received my degree in Marketing from Liberty University’s online campus. I’m a Social Media Coordinator and I’m in between jobs. I care way too much about spelling and enjoy proofreading… everything. I’ll get a headache everyday at 3pm on the clock if I don’t have coffee in the morning.

This blog is going to be random. It’s a collection of thoughts about life, and love, and everything in between. Sometimes I’ll be serious, sometimes I’ll be funny. Sometimes I’ll talk about me, and sometimes I’ll talk about celebrities. There is no rhyme or reason to the things I post… so, you’ve been forewarned.

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