Hearts and Rejuvenating

A little over a month ago Nancy Beach spoke at a leadership training at Cornerstone. She really encouraged the churches volunteer staff to take pride in what they do, but more importantly, to keep themselves healthy whilst serving – an unhealthy volunteer is a useless volunteer. She encouraged us to find an activity that replenishes our energy levels, so we could keep our hearts and minds healthy.

Anyways, she asked us to identify that activity and then share it with the people at our table. It was interesting when my first reaction was to say hiking. Up until that point I would have called myself (and I still do) a beginner hiker who owned a Camelbak solely because it’s “what hikers do” – and therefore I could call myself a hiker, I also bought some Cliff bars, because hikers eat Cliff bars, right? I walked trails once every 2 weeks, maybe, if friends were in town, because it sounded cool and trendy… and we could hang out AND get a workout at the same time (best of both worlds).

So I said hiking, and explained why, something about “nature and God’s creation and beauty…” and moved on.

I quit my job about a week later… and by default, had a lot of free time. I was sitting at home one day looking out the window at the beautiful weather (that has just recently decided to flee the area… really putting a damper on my new found love for an activity that can only be accomplished outside: UPDATE…the weather has changed, and I am happy again) and remembered the proclamation I had made at that round table in the auditorium. I decided I’d try it out, and since I didn’t have any “hiking” friends in town… I was forced to go by myself.

And I was hooked.

Around the same time some of my good friends had just finished reading Donald Millers A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, from what I hear it’s an amazing book about your story and how every event in your life is a chapter that makes up the story of you (or something like that, Continue reading