My Costume Wins 2011

FYI: Halloween was this weekend, for those of you who didn’t leave the house this weekend, or perhaps didn’t check Facebook within the last 72 hours.

I went to a party on Saturday. Pretty much every girl looked like this:

  • If you can’t tell, she is a black cat. I think. 
No offense to most girls on Halloween… but, seriously?
  1. IF I EVER saw a black cat that looked like that, I’d be horrified.
  2. That isn’t really a costume.

I digress. Looking cute on Halloween is fun, and I get it. That’s why I went as this:

Talk about sexy, right? If you can’t tell who I am… I’m doing my best to be this guy:

aka George Michael Bluth from Arrested Development.

I should have guessed that this costume would be lost on the majority of people, but I wasn’t expecting the “welcome” I received from the guests at the party I attended on Saturday evening.

So every girl in the house/back yard looked like this

And I walk in looking like a boy from a show they’ve never seen.

I got the once over. The eyes up and down (I’m assuming they were sizing me up, trying to figure out if I were a boy or not). I felt like It’s Pat

Anyways, I got the once over. And then the look. And finally the disgust/turn around to whisper to friend. There were about 3 people who got it, and they appreciated it, but the rest spent the majority of the evening trying to figure out my gender.

The moral of the story is: Halloween is weird and let’s stop fooling ourselves into believing that a black cat is a good costume… oh and also my costume was awesome (I know this because I got like 50 likes+comments on Facebook)… BOOM.

I win Halloween 2011. Thank you very much.


How the Animaniacs Screwed Me Up for Life

I’ve had a fear of elevators for as long as I can remember.

When I was younger my family would have to create a barricade around me when we entered an elevator so the other riders wouldn’t get too close to me. As I’ve gotten older, I can manage the fear a little better. I know now not to enter an elevator if it’s crowded. If it starts filling up too quickly, I will get out of the elevator and wait for a new one. If I’m not on the 34th floor, I’ll just take the stairs. I also have an irrational fear that the elevator will just stop, for no reason, and I’ll be stuck on there with 15 strangers for 3 days.

Now many of you will say, “Rachel, that is claustrophobia.” And you’re right, I am claustrophobic. But I know me, and I know this fear runs deeper. My life long fear of getting stuck in an elevator can all be attributed to a 7 minute episode of the Animaniacs that aired on the WB when I was like, 8. You suck Animaniacs… you suck.