How I Won a 3 Day Trip to Disneyland

So here’s the deal.

I go to Raley’s everyday for coffee and/or lunch. What’s Raley’s? It’s a grocery store. They make delicious soups, and sandwiches, and sushi. Since I only take a 30 minute lunch break, and it’s within walking distance from work, it just makes sense that I go there on the daily.

It was a normal afternoon. I probably went to Raley’s for some soup… but perhaps I was grabbing a beverage. It was like a Tuesday or something, I don’t remember the details. But I saw a sign that looked something like this:

This caught my attention for two reasons:

  1. I ❤ Disneyland
  2. My boyfriend <3’s Star Wars

It really seemed like the perfect combo of awesome and fun.

I know there are a lot of people out there who like to enter contests. I’m not one of them, never have been. But I’m nerdy and the poster had a QR code and it was a trip to Disneyland. What’s the worst that could happen if I entered? I’d forget about it, and never win. And I’d lose like 30 seconds of my day filling out my name and e-mail address. I figured my win to lose ratio was pretty even on the “doesn’t matter” scale.

So I lasered the QR code with my iPhone (or at least that is what I like to think I do when I use a QR code scanner) and entered my name+e-mail. I met up with my boyfriend for coffee and then I completely forgot about the contest altogether.

October 12th rolls around and I’m driving back to my office from my morning trip to Raley’s for coffee. I receive an e-mail. I don’t recommend doing this, but I read the e-mail while driving. It said something like “Congratulations you’re a winner”. Normally I’d delete it because those things are ALWAYS spam… but I saw the Star Tours logo and it all came rushing back to me. (still driving) I read the rest of the e-mail and long story short… I won the grand prize.

What? Up until this point, I was convinced people didn’t actually win the contests they signed up to win.

So what do I get?

Grand Prize Includes (for me + 3 friends):
  • Round Trip flights
  • Ground transportation
  • 2 night stay in a Disneyland resort
  • 3 day park-hopper passes
  • A private tour of Star Tours
  • A nerdy merchandise basket full of Disney+Star Tours stuff

Now… for the last 2 months, I’ve been telling Jason to take me to Disneyland. Why? I don’t know, I just really want to go there and I feel like everyone I know is going. He always rolls his eyes and laughs… like I am a child (but it’s deserved, 97% of the time I act like a child).

After I won this all inclusive trip I called him to let him know that I can manage my own life and find ways to go to Disneyland for free. He didn’t believe me at first. But after a few: “No I’m really serious, like seriously serious” he realized I wasn’t all crazy and we got wayy too excited.

Obviously there were 2 spots left. So on October 12th, I had a lot of friends. People texted me, and messaged me, and facebooked me… and I was like whoa… I know what you all are doing.

So anyways, it wasn’t too difficult for me to decide that I wanted these guys to go with us to the happiest place on earth:

*I asked about dogs and the administrators were all, “Uh… dogs are not eligible for this prize.” Which was totally rude.

So the KleiGuerAlkers are going to Disneyland in 2012. And you all should be jealous because it’s going to be magical.

The moral of this story is:

  • Make sure to stay really close to your friends if they seem like they often have good luck.

Now watch this, because it basically mirrors the reaction I had when I found out I won this trip.


Bike Accidents and Super Powers

Today while riding my bike, my boyfriend decided to run into me while he was on his bike.

It didn't look like this though... thankfully

Okay, maybe I should rephrase that. He didn’t intentionally run into me. If I’m being honest, I think it was partially my fault too. It was a miscommunication. I was going right, he thought we were still going straight. So… we both ended up on the ground.

It all felt like slo-mo … here were my thoughts:

  • Your foot is clipped into your pedal, GET IT OUT
  • Is my foot out of the pedal?
  • Jason?
  • This is super scarier than I imagined it would be
  • Is anyone watching?
Some of you might be wondering how I thought all these things before I hit the ground. But let me remind you, I am a girl.
Anyways, when I hit the ground, these were my thoughts:
  • Wait… ouch.
  • Soooo glad I got my foot out of the clip… I’m awesome.
  • Jason?
I jumped up really quickly. I’m convinced that had my leg been broken I probably still would have stood up with such vigor. I looked down at my boyfriend & instantly thought he was broken everywhere… or at least somewhere.
He kept saying, “My foot!… move my foot!” I thought I was going to see mangled feet bones and toes lying around, but instead I saw that his shoe was caught in the spokes of my back tire. I pulled his foot out slowly, and reached for his shoe… which was woven through every spoke on my back wheel – I have no idea how that happened.

I wish I had spoke beads

Anyways, this sounds super dramatic but… he was fine. No broken bones. No lost toes. He has a sore knee but… who doesn’t? My finger was bleeding pretty badly but, you can’t die from a broken finger. I called our good friends and scared them with a weird phone call saying, “We got in a bike accident, we’re hurt a little bit. We need a ride home.” Which truly gave them no read on what they would see when they got to us. (which was a whole lot of nothing)
A few hours later, my knee is bruised, my finger has a band aid and my shoulder is stiff. Jason’s limping a little and his knees are banged up… but all in all… I think we’ll make it.
Anyways, I learned a few things about myself in crisis today and I thought I’d share them with you.
  1. I have the ability to slow time
  2. I have a lot of thoughts
  3. My shoulder is pretty strong
  4. I care A LOT about my Giant Run t-shirt
  5. I instantly turn into a paramedic when anyone around me is hurt and attempt to “assess” injuries and pin people down until I’m finished “examining” them
  6. I bruise easily
I think finding out that I have a super power today was probably the best part of my day. And also, when I ate 22 animal crackers.