A Week of Weeks (or Something Borrowed, Something New)

It’s been one of those weeks (referring to the week of 8/17-8/23).

One of those weeks where you wouldn’t classify it as a bad week, because in hindsight, and even during the time, it wasn’t unpleasant – and in many ways it was fun and exciting and new; so overall it wasn’t a bad week. But it was still one of those weeks.

I think it probably had something to do with coming back from a week long vacation. Where, in that week, I can safely and confidently say I did absolutely nothing. I slept, played pool, read, played Wii, went on hikes, explored a cavern, and soaked in the rare quality time I shared with the family. Other then that, I did nothing. Then I came home and had to jump right back into the hustle and bustle (yes, I said it) of life. I guess, with a routine, you start to forget that your ‘routine’ is actually really tiring…it becomes who you are, and you do it, because you have to. But the minute it’s interrupted, and you get a taste of relaxation, jumping back into reality can be tough.
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