My Happinesses

Okay. I’ll be the first to admit that my last post was a little passive aggressive. And I want to apologize if it scared any coffee consumers away from the counter while I’m at work. (I’m really not a mean person…)

Now onto bigger and better things. First things first, I just had the worst 20 songs ever come up on my iTunes. I kept hitting shuffle over and over hoping the songs would end. They did, and eventually I ended on ‘The Trapeze Swinger’ by Iron and Wine. It’s a 9 minute 32 second song, so it should tide me over for awhile… I plan to make a genius playlist off of it, as to not endure the pain of the last 20 songs I shuffled through.

Which brings me to my scariest thought… apparently I have some bad music on my iTunes… a library scrap may be necessary in the near future.

I thought that tonight’s post should be a list, a list of positive things… So, here it is:
Rachel’s Random Happinesses (for the sake of me being happy, let’s all get over our grammatical OCD tendencies and accept ‘happinesses’ as a word for the duration of this post.
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